Man calls 911 multiple times because he felt threatened by voices in the wall

49-year-old Scott Thompson was charged with misuse of 911 after calling four times within a 90 minute period because he thought he was being threatened by voices coming through the walls.

On March 21st, Officer Brandon Huckaby noted that officers had been dispatched to the Plaza 231 Inn multiple times due to Scott Thompson, who was staying in Room 129, called 911 a total of four times within a 90 minute period. Scott told officers that he called 911 because he was being threatened by unknown people after hearing voices through the walls.

Scott Thompson (WCSO)

On the third incident, officers warned Scott that if he continued to misuse 911 he would be charged. Scott called 911 again 21 minutes later to report again that he was hearing voices through the walls. Officer Huckaby noted that because of Scott’s actions, he was believed to be under the influence of drugs. When the officer asked, Scott admitted to smoking meth within a recent period of time.

Scott Thompson was arrested and charged with misuse of 911. His sentence was served and he was released on March 23rd.

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