Man charged with assault after ex-girlfriend says he threw her TV, hung up on 911

23-year-old Trevon Allen was charged with domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call when his ex-girlfriend told police he threw her television across the room, jumped on her while hitting her in the face and arms, and hung up on 911 dispatch when she called for help.

On March 24th, Officer Corley responded to 201 Carver Lane Apt 315 in reference to a 911 hang-up call. According to the affidavit, dispatch had heard a female on the line saying that she was “needing saved from her boyfriend.” When the officer arrived he immediately observed Makayla Gray with a swollen lip, and red scratched up forearms. She told authorities that she and ex-boyfriend Trevon Allen were having an argument when he got angry and threw her television across the room.

Trevon Allen (WCSO)
Trevon Allen (WCSO)

She stated he then jumped on top of her and started striking her in the mouth and arms. When she attempted to call 911, Allen took the phone and hung up. When dispatch called back the second time he left the scene. Allen was found behind a business located at 1505 West Main Street. Officers noted Allen refused to answer any questions and he was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Trevon Allen was arrested and charged with domestic assault and interference with emergency calls. His bond was set at $2,500.

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