Passerby reports assault: Man charged after bashing woman’s head into dashboard

29-year-old Clint Estes was charged with domestic assault when someone reported seeing him beating his female passenger at the Green Hill Church of Christ.

Duo charged with assault after checking in on neighbor’s marital spat

27-year-old Cody Layne and 24-year-old Tristan Wallace were charged with assault when they were questioning a man about a fight between him and his wife. After he told them it was none of their business, they beat him up.

Hermitage couple charged with public intoxication at Lebanon Shell station

51-year-old Cindy Kolu and 56-year-old Tracy Langford were charged with public intoxication when officers observed Kolu running around a Pilot parking lot looking as though she’d been assaulted.

Mt. Juliet man jailed after his minor ex-girlfriend said he held her at gunpoint for 17 hours

18-year-old Travis Hollis was charged with interference with emergency calls, aggravated domestic assault, and especially aggravated kidnapping when he held his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend at gunpoint in his apartment for 17 hours.

Hermitage man self-reports probation violation after citation for cannabis

24-year-old Aaron Wise was charged with a probation violation when he turned himself in on May 22nd for a citation he received May 19th for possession of cannabis. He was on probation after being found guilty of possession in February.

Fugitive jailed after crashing car into hydrant while driving on a revoked license

45-year-old David Cox was charged with criminal impersonation, revoked driver’s license, and vandalism when he smashed a fire hydrant while driving on a revoked license. He also gave officers a false name because of an outstanding warrant.

Gallatin woman hands officer jar of weed during traffic stop for tail light

33-year-old Lakesha Jenkins was charged with possession of marijuana for resale after being an occupant in a car with a blown brake light. When an officer questioned her, she handed him four ounces of weed in a mason jar and bags.

Lebanon woman beats mother who was giving her son a ride #lashingout

23-year-old Jasmine Fisher was charged with assault when she got into an altercation with a woman who was dropping her son off. Fisher opened the woman’s vehicle door and struck her in the face and shoulder.

Man hits stepdaughter trying to grab device she was using to record a fight

43-year-old Jose Robledo was charged with domestic assault when his stepdaughter was filming an argument between him and her mom and he punched her trying to grab the device.

Lebanon woman charged with DUI at McDonald’s

39-year-old Jaime Johnson was charged with driving under the influence when she was involved in a car wreck at the McDonald’s on Lebanon Road and could not complete field sobriety tasks.