Man attempts to break into vehicle occupied by Wilson EMA personnel

Jonathan Marthell

36-year-old Jonathan Marthell of Lebanon was charged with criminal attempted burglary and public intoxication when he tried to break into a vehicle while Wilson County Emergency Management Planning Division Captain Daniel Cowan was sitting in the vehicle.

On May 22nd, Officer David Winfree of the Lebanon Police Department responded to a call at the Wilson County Emergency Management (WEMA) headquarters regarding a man trying to get into vehicles. Capt. Cowan was in his vehicle at EMA headquarters when Jonathan Marthell tried to open his door.

Jonathan Marthell (WCSO)

Trisha Giampa saw Marthell trying to get into vehicles on video and locked her door from inside WEMA. Marthell still tried to open her door. Officer Winfree said Marthell looked to be under the influence of a narcotic. Marthell was acting erratic and had peed on himself.

Marthell has an extensive criminal history, and he was awaiting trial for previous charges stemming from a February public intoxication arrest and an April incident where he was charged with criminal trespass and criminal simulation.

Jonathan Marthell was arrested and charged with criminal attempted burglary and public intoxication. His bond was set at $3,000.

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