Mangos customer downs several shots and drives through a yard on his way home

57-year-old William Salsbury was charged with driving under the influence after hitting a flower pot and driving through a yard on Somerset Drive in Lebanon after consuming six to eight shots of alcohol at Mangos Mexican Restaurant.

On May 20th, Lebanon Police were dispatched to the Somerset Drive area to a single-vehicle accident where the vehicle hit a flower pot and left tracks in a yard after leaving the roadway. When the officer made contact with the property owner, he received a vehicle description and license plate number. Police confirmed that the defendant, William Salsbury, was the owner of the vehicle so the officer went to his address located at 811 Windmere Drive.

William Salsbury (WCSO)
William Salsbury (WCSO)

There was damage to the front of the vehicle at Salsbury’s home and police described Salsbury as having watery eyes, slurred speech, and to be unsteady on his feet. After he was offered to perform a field sobriety test the report says that be performed poorly and admitted to having six to eight shots of alcohol at Mangos Mexican Restaurant prior to driving home. Salsbury refused to take a blood test.

William Salsbury was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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