Lebanon woman assaults and threatens to kill her mother while arguing with her grandmother

32-year-old Jaycie West was charged with domestic assault after threatening to stab and kill her mother during an argument with her grandmother about uninvited house guests. She then hit her mother hard enough to knock the glasses off her face, per report.

On June 7th, Deputy McFarlin was dispatched to 709 Northview Cir in regards to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, the deputy discovered that the assailant, who was later identified as Jaycie West, had fled the scene of the crime. According to the affidavit, McFarlin’s investigation revealed that West had been involved in an argument with her grandmother referencing unknown individuals that were being permitted entry into their home by West.

Jaycie West (WCSO)
Jaycie West (WCSO)

West’s mother, Dorothy Sheler, attempted to separate the two but was met with retaliation from her daughter. West’s response led to the altercation being shifted between the mother and daughter. The dispute became malicious when West began to exclaim threats of stabbing and killing her mother. West proceeded to strike Sheler, the force of the blow knocking off her mother’s glasses. Following the strike, West fled the scene of the crime but was later stopped on Hwy 109 by law enforcement.

Jaycie West was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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