Mt. Juliet man admits to downing several drinks during traffic stop

23-year-old Kolby Eady was charged with driving under the influence after admitting to drinking 4-5 beers before getting behind the wheel in Mt. Juliet.

Nashville woman attacks Academy Sports employee following presumed shoplifting

26-year-old Asia Crawley was charged with assault and disorderly conduct after attacking an Academy Sports employee that approached her while she was attempting to conceal merchandise and when she tried to escape, she knocked several items off the shelf, per report.

Lebanon woman lies to officer twice about stolen vehicle

26-year-old Kayla Rhodes was charged with theft of property after she stole a vehicle out of Smith County and changed her story twice during questioning. She first said the vehicle belonged to her mother, then claimed she bought it, but the vehicle was discovered in a computer check to be stolen.

Lebanon man assaults girlfriend in separate incidents; debates with police when arrested

36-year-old Jeremy Rhodes was charged with domestic assault after reportedly strangling his girlfriend twice in the span of a day. The woman was allegedly afraid to explain the initial incident out of fear of Rhodes and his actions.

Mt. Juliet woman assaults mother, takes her phone during dispute about a dog

18-year-old Mia Ghulam was charged with domestic assault after she pulled her mother’s hair, took her phone, and attempted to kick her during an argument about a dog, per report.

Pegram driver found with shoe filled with pills following accident

31-year-old John Kraemer was charged with driving under the influence, possession of suboxone, and possession of Xanax after being found in an accident by law enforcement with 14 and a half pills inside his shoe.

Barred thief attempts to return $400 worth of stolen merchandise

31-year-old Casey Hogin was charged with criminal trespass and theft of merchandise after attempting to return nearly $400 worth of stolen merchandise at a Lebanon Walmart. Further investigation revealed Hogin to be barred from three separate Walmart stores over the span of a year.

Lebanon man found laying in the road from presumed meth

41-year-old Jason Waller was charged with possession of meth and public intoxication after being found laying in the middle of Chicken Road in Lebanon. Waller was reportedly uncertain of his own whereabouts and was hallucinating during his interaction with police.

Lebanon man smokes bong with infant in his bedroom

19-year-old Andrew Osborn was charged with child neglect, possession of marijuana, domestic assault, and drug paraphernalia and 20-year-old LaRaziah Turner was charged with child neglect and violation of probation after they were found laying in bed with a bong of marijuana wax with her infant close by. Police were there to serve a warrant on him.

Woman pulls wife through car window while arguing at a bar in Mt. Juliet

27-year-old Ashley Ketcher was charged with domestic assault after pulling her wife inside a vehicle following her refusal to leave USA Sports Grill in Mt. Juliet. The woman sustained injuries to her neck during the incident.