Mt. Juliet man’s vehicle searched after bag of weed fell out of his pocket; various drugs found

24-year-old Zachary White was charged with being in possession of marijuana, cocaine, and suboxone as well as drug paraphernalia after he was caught swerving and had a plastic baggie fall out of his pocket when the officer searched his vehicle.

On June 19th, Officer Hoppe observed a vehicle later to be found driven by the defendant, Zachary White, swerving so he conducted a traffic stop on Nonaville Road in Mt. Juliet. The officer saw a clear bag of marijuana fall out of White’s pocket so he asked him to step out of the car and told him his rights under Miranda.

Zachary White (WCSO)
Zachary White (WCSO)

White’s vehicle was then searched by the officer based on probable cause. Inside white’s vehicle, the officer found a glass pipe with residue on it in the driver’s side door and cocaine, identified as such by White, in a bag under the driver’s seat. A brown paper bag was also found in the glove box with a glass pipe, a spoon with residue, and a bag of 3 grams of cocaine. The middle console there was a blue box that contained more cocaine.

Continuing to search the officer found a black bag in the middle of the back seat with a used hypodermic needle in it. There was a backpack in the driver’s side of the back seat containing about a gram of marijuana and a grinder. White had a prescription for suboxone that was filled the day prior with fifty-four strips that only had four remaining.

Zachary White was arrested and charged with possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia, marijuana, cocaine, and suboxone for resale. His bond was set at $5,000.

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