Florida man breaks into hotel room after his sister was harassed to “take care of it without police”

28-year-old Tyler French was charged with aggravated burglary after his brother donkey kicked an air conditioner for French to enter a hotel room and threaten the occupants over his brother-in-law’s debt.

Woman destroys home and antagonizes husband

34-year-old Shonna Huntsman was charged with domestic assault after destroying items around her house and antagonizing her husband while they were engaged in an argument.

Man driving on flat tire charged with DUI after telling officer the wrong time

33-year-old Trung Nguyen was charged with his first driving under the influence when police pulled him over to help him with his flat tire and officers noticed he smelled of alcoholic beverage.

Lafayette woman found blitzed at Circle K, gives LPD false identity

22-year-old Haley Lewis was charged with criminal impersonation and public intoxication when police found her unable to control her bodily movements and slurring her speech when she told them her name was Courtney Lester.

Woman admitted that the plastic box found in her crotch during booking contained heroin

38-year-old Mavis Mayo was charged with driving on revoked and possession of heroin when WPD pulled her over for having her high beams on and then found heroin on her after they transported her to booking.

Nashville man tries to pull one over on Walmart; attempts to steal over $250 worth of items

58-year-old Eddie Whitaker was charged with theft of merchandise when he was caught on video scanning $8.19 worth of items at the self-checkout at Walmart in Mt. Juliet. He walked out with over $250 worth that was not scanned.

Man violates business owner warnings as well as conditions of release

56-year-old George Snider was charged with violation of CoR and criminal trespass after loitering in front of Discount Tobacco Outlet which he was previously warned about and “bothering” someone with whom he has a domestic history.

Gallatin woman found passed out in running vehicle with weed and loaded gun

26-year-old Chandler Burroughs was charged with DUI, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia when police found her asleep at the wheel while her car was still in drive.

Intoxicated man caught speeding leads police on 2-mile chase; tries to hide in the woods

45-year-old William Shipper was charged with DUI, violation of implied consent, and evading arrest when he was caught speeding on Big Springs Road, and in an attempt to flee from police he stopped the vehicle after a two-mile chase and ran into the woods.