Lebanon man takes car without notifying his girlfriend’s mother

feat McMurray, Tyrone

53-year-old Tyrone McMurray was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle after taking his girlfriend’s mother’s car without getting permission.

On July 29th, officers spoke with Melanie Villiard and she explained to officers that she typically allowed her daughter to use her car, but that her daughter’s boyfriend, Tyrone McMurray, had taken the vehicle without her permission. He had taken the vehicle from their address at 1847 B North Holloway Circle in Lebanon, TN.

Tyrone McMurray (WCSO)
Tyrone McMurray (WCSO)

Officer’s reports verified that Tyrone had a previous history of unauthorized use of vehicles that were handled under another jurisdiction. Villiard stated that she called Tyrone and told him to return the vehicle and told police she did not believe he was attempting to steal the vehicle. Villiard did not pursue theft charges.

On July 30th, Tyrone McMurray was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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