Passenger of woman stopped for active warrants caught with heroin during search

feat Earegood, Stephanie

34-year-old Stephanie Earegood was charged with possession of heroin when officers executed a warrant for the driver and a bag with brown powder was discovered in her purse during a vehicle search.

On August 6th, Deputy Jake Smith pulled in behind a vehicle at 921 Murfreesboro Road with prior knowledge that the driver of the vehicle had outstanding warrants. Stephanie Earegood was a passenger in the vehicle.

Stephanie Earegood (WCSO)
Stephanie Earegood (WCSO)

Deputies asked them to step away from the vehicle to search it and found a bag containing approximately one gram of brown powder in Stephanie’s purse. Based on Deputy Smith’s training and experience, he suspected the bag contained heroin.

Stephanie Earegood was arrested and charged with possession of heroin. Her bond was set at $3,000.

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