Woman found unconscious at the wheel admits to taking her prescription before driving

feat Martin, Lisa

40-year-old Lisa Martin was charged with DUI and possession of meth after being found by police unconscious at the wheel due to her medication and upon a search of her vehicle, meth was found in her purse.

On August 16th, Deputy Remington Clawson was on patrol when he observed a vehicle parked outside of 3190 Carthage Highway with its lights still on. Upon approach, a woman was found unconscious at the wheel. Deputy Clawson woke the woman and she identified herself as Lisa Martin. She was asked to exit the vehicle and noted she was unbalanced and confused. Deputy Clawson provided various field sobriety tests during which she exhibited signs of impairment.

Lisa Martin (WCSO)
Lisa Martin (WCSO)

Deputy Clawson asked if she was aware of her location and she incorrectly responded that she was on Lebanon Highway. After receiving consent, her vehicle was searched and a change purse was found containing two folded pieces of paper inside filled with what appeared to be meth. A further search of the vehicle yielded two prescription bottles, one containing Gabapentin and the other containing Clonazepam. Lisa Martin admitted that she had taken her pills right before she drove.

Lisa Martin was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and possession of meth. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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