Woman violates bond conditions and assaults officer during arrest

46-year-old Stacy Sullivan was charged with assault on an officer and violating her bond conditions when she was reported for being at an address that went against her conditions of release and then slapped and kicked an officer while being arrested.

On August 14th, Officer Paradis responded to 389 Green Harbor in reference to an unwanted person on the property. When Paradis arrived, Michael Lynn located at 388 Green Harbor gestured toward a female standing on a ledge on the backside of his property. Lynn told police he asked the woman to leave his property. Sullivan refused and told Lynn if he touched her she would “beat his ass.” The officer began to move toward the woman and identified her as Stacy Sullivan. Officer Paradis asked her several times to vacate the premises. Sullivan told the officer she would just go to 389 Green Harbor.

Stacy Sullivan (WCSO)
Stacy Sullivan (WCSO)

Paradis clearly stated she was not allowed to go there since she was charged with domestic assault on August 8th at that residence. There were conditions of release in place that stated she could not return to that address or she would be jailed. The officer advised Sullivan she would either need to go home or he would arrest her and take her to jail. At that time, Sullivan threw her drink in Paradis’ face. The officer attempted to handcuff Sullivan, but she began to slap him in the face. Once the officer finally got one hand in the cuffs they both fell from the ledge. She then kicked Paradis in the face and gave him a bloody nose.

Stacy Sullivan was arrested and charged with assault of an officer and violating her conditions of release. Her bond was set at $17,500.

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