Man snitched on by his mother for stealing the neighbor’s lawnmower

34-year-old Patrick Hasting was charged with theft of property after his mother told the neighbor she saw her son steal their lawnmower from behind their house.

On August 31st, LPD Officer Wigger was dispatched to 902 Center Street of someone reporting a stolen lawnmower. Upon arrival, contact was made with Alice Odom, who resides at the residence. Odom told police her neighbor, Daphne Hasting, told her she witnessed Patrick Hasting take the mower out of their backyard and load it into a silver SUV.

Patrick Hasting (WCSO)
Patrick Hasting (WCSO)

Odom proceeded to check her backyard and discovered her mower was in fact missing. Daphne Hasting told police she witnessed her son enter the neighbor’s backyard and steal the lawnmower. The officer’s investigation led to Pawnmax Pawn Shop located at 1017 West Main Street. The officer found the mower at that location and interviewed the staff.

Employee Jason Rediker stated a female came into the store and pawned the mower. Jason presented identification for Natasha Correa. The video surveillance in the store captured the encounter. Daphne also told police she witnessed Natasha in the driver’s seat of the SUV that her son loaded the mower into.

Patrick Hasting was arrested and charged with theft of property. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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