Man admits to touching roommate’s genitalia while she slept at Plaza 231 Inn

Lebanon Police say Randall Bailey admitted to touching a roommate’s genitalia as she slept. He is charged with sexual battery and public intoxication. He is free on a $1,200 bond.

Lebanon Police Officer Andrew Nasvall was driving by the Plaza 231 Inn on N. Cumberland Street on April 27th, when he noticed 2 males were arguing outside a room, so he stopped to investigate. Upon making contact with the two makes, he immediately noticed that one of them, identified as 49-year-old Randall Bailey, was obviously intoxicated.

Randall Bailey (WCSO)

During the investigation of the altercation, Officer Nasvall made contact with a female, who was also a roommate at the Plaza 231 Inn. The female disclosed that she had been sleeping, and felt someone put their hand inside her pants and touch her vagina. As she was waking up and pushing him away, she immediately identified the person as a roommate, Randall Bailey. Bailey admitted to touching the female during questioning. He was booked into the Wilson County Jail on charges of sexual batter and public intoxication. He is free on a $1,200 bond, via Watkins Bonding.

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