That’s not how self-checkout works. Rhonda Sands, arrested.

49-year-old Rhonda M. Sands, of Beckwith Road in Mt. Juliet, thought she could outsmart the self-checkout at the Mt. Juliet Walmart. She got a surprise when she was detained by loss prevention staff who had been watching her every move.

According to the retailer, on April 24th, Rhonda Sands proceeded to the self-checkout after shopping, and scanned one item while putting a different one in the bagging area. She repeated this until her total was $39.21, with an additional $203.00 of unpaid merchandise bagged. According to an arrest warrant, Sands then exited the point of sale, and the inner exit doors, where she was detained by Walmart loss prevention, who called the police. Officer Angela Davis took her into custody.

Rhonda Sands (WCSO)

Sands was charged with theft of merchandise, and booked into the Wilson County jail, where she was then released on her own recognizance. She is scheduled to appear in court in July.

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