Woman charged with public intox after fighting with her girlfriend on side of I-40

If you were driving along I-40 last Thursday, you may have witnessed a rumble between a couple that ended with one of them taken to jail for public intoxication, while fighting on the side of the interstate.

Mt. Juliet Police Officer Benjamin Gibbs responded to a domestic disturbance on the side of the interstate on April 25th. The call took him to mile marker 225 of I-40 East, where he arrived to find 50-year-old Chrystal Baird on the side of the interstate, involved in what he described as a ‘heated argument’ with her girlfriend.

Chrystal Baird (WCSO)

Officer Gibbs reported Baird had a strong odor of alcohol about her, and that her eyes were red, and her speech heavily slurred. He observed she was unsteady on her feet with “minor injuries on her face from a previous fall”. Baird was taken into custody, and charged with public intoxication. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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