Lebanon Police Dept: Employees, Titles, & Salaries

As part of our continued publication of open records, we finish off the local law enforcement series, with the titles and salaries of the employees of the Lebanon Police Department.

In comparison to Wilson County, and city of Mt. Juliet, Lebanon fell just about average. They paid a bit higher yearly salary of the three when it came to and average of captains, lieutenants sergeants, and investigators; however Lebanon paid the least to its regular police officers, and admin/office staff. Lebanon pays it’s higher-echelon the most money, as compared to the rank-and-file between the agencies.

Here’s the full listing for the Lebanon, TN , police department:

Full NameJob TitleSalary
Justice, Michael W.Chief of Police $112,902.40
Vanhook, Michael B.Police Captain $80,808.00
Willett, Brent W.Police Captain Administrative $79,580.80
Melvin, Christopher T.Police Captain $78,832.00
Lafferty, Koy H.Police Captain $78,041.60
Massey, Richard S.Police Lieutenant Investigation $75,088.00
Glover, William A.Emergency Services Coordinator $66,144.00
Kelley, Titus L.Police Lieutenant $65,062.40
Bay, Charles M.Police Sergeant $61,963.20
Nokes, Joseph H.Police Sergeant $61,318.40
Murray, Timothy C.Police Sergeant Investigation $58,864.00
Pruitte, Jerimy T.Police Sergeant $58,344.00
(Name Redacted)Police Sergeant Narcotics Investigation $58,344.00
Whitefield, Kirk A.Police Investigator $57,969.60
Scott, Jesse D.Police Sergeant $57,907.20
Hawkins, Andrew M.Police Sergeant $57,907.20
Hardy, Phuong N.Police Sergeant PIO $57,907.20
Green, Stephen P.Police Sergeant $57,907.20
(Name Redacted)Police Investigator $54,662.40
Brown, Edward A.Police Investigator $54,246.40
Harris, Cornelius R.Police Corporal $54,246.40
Payne, Billy B.Police Investigator $54,121.60
Willmore, John D.Police Investigator $54,121.60
Stroud, James D.Police Corporal $53,830.40
Spicer, Carlton J.Police Investigator $53,809.60
Bringhurst, Jason E.Police Investigator $53,601.60
McGee, Melvin E.Police Investigator $53,601.60
Daniel, Allison P.Police Investigator $53,601.60
Johnson, Jeremy V.Police Investigator $53,601.60
(Name Redacted)Police Investigator $53,601.60
Kelley, Timothy L.Police Corporal $53,497.60
Dedman, Matthew C.Police Training Corporal $53,185.60
(Name Redacted)Police Investigator $53,185.60
Butler, Justin L.Police Corporal $53,081.60
Ragland, Kevin L.Police Corporal $52,644.80
Way, Derrick P.Police Corporal $52,644.80
Barnett, Beau T.Police Corporal $52,644.80
Luna, Christopher M.Police Corporal $52,124.80
Cunningham, Michael C.Police Corporal $52,020.80
Swift, Austin L.Network Administrator $51,750.40
Bates, Robert V.Police Master Patrol Officer $50,169.60
Howard, WaynePolice Master Patrol Officer $50,065.60
Bowen, Franklin D.Emergency Services Unit Officer $49,649.60
Huddleston, Stephen L.Police Master Patrol Officer $49,046.40
Scott, Jeffrey L.Police Master Patrol Officer $48,984.00
(Name Redacted)Police Master Patrol Officer $48,984.00
Pruitte, Jason R.Police Master Patrol Officer $48,859.20
Blackburn, Brian D.Police Master Patrol Officer $48,776.00
Bryan, Cody L.Police Master Patrol Officer $48,776.00
Maddox, Keith A.Police Master Patrol Officer $48,152.00
Kennedy, William C.Police Master Patrol Officer $48,152.00
Brownlee, Joshua M.Police Master Patrol Officer $48,152.00
Pickens, Jeffrey W.MPO Emergency Services Unit $48,152.00
Beatty, Nathan C.Police Officer Certified $47,174.40
Sandefur, Justin A.Police Officer Certified $47,049.60
Thompson, Casey E.Police Officer Certified $47,049.60
Holleman, Matthew L.Police Officer Certified $46,758.40
Williams, Bradley M.Police Officer Certified $46,612.80
Byrnes, William A.Police Officer Certified $46,508.80
Clark, Richard D.Police Officer Certified $46,488.00
King, Billy D.Police Officer Certified $46,092.80
Gray, James N.Police Officer Certified $46,092.80
Eicholtz, Brent W.Police Officer Certified $46,072.00
Jackson, Seth A.Police Officer Certified $44,969.60
Rourke, Travis P.Police Officer Certified $44,886.40
Carrillo, ArielPolice Officer Certified $44,553.60
Gutierrez, Dawna L.Police Terminal Agency Coord, Communications Superv. $43,846.40
Davenport, Brandon S.Police Officer Certified $42,723.20
Johns, Danny W.Police Officer Certified $42,536.00
Parish, Gray A.Police Officer Certified $42,120.00
Vinson, Joshua A.Police Officer Certified $42,120.00
Richardson, Jeremy B.Police Officer Certified $42,120.00
Lake, Jared C.Police Officer Certified $42,120.00
Polston, Dillin C.Police Officer Certified $42,120.00
Christensen, Misty J.Police Reporting Agency Coord. Supervisor $42,120.00
Nicholson, William M.Police Officer Certified $42,120.00
Cothron, Grant W.Police Officer Certified $42,120.00
Luna, Sierra M.Evidence Custodian $42,099.20
Oakley, Corey A.Police Officer Certified $41,600.00
Winfree, David E.Police Officer Certified $41,600.00
Speer, Brian K.Police Officer Certified $41,600.00
Hulse, Dillon L.Police Officer Certified $41,600.00
Johnston, Justin L.Police Officer Certified $41,600.00
Hawkins, Travis W.Police Officer Certified $41,600.00
Wigger, Matthew J.Police Officer Certified $41,496.00
Hudspath, Matthew D.Police Officer Certified $41,059.20
Nasvall, Andrew M.Police Officer Certified $41,059.20
Lafferty, Joel S.Police Officer Certified $41,059.20
Huckaby, Brandon W.Police Officer Certified $41,059.20
Affourtit, JordanPolice Officer Certified $41,059.20
Greer, Joshua K.Animal Control Supervisor $40,019.20
Buckenmeyer, Daniel J.Police Officer Certified $39,561.60
Keefe, Dan E.Police Officer Certified $39,124.80
Hutchins, Jerry W.Police Officer Certified $39,124.80
Toney, Kayla S.Police Officer Certified $39,083.20
Moore, Faith L.Police Alternate Terminal Agency Coord, Supervisor $39,000.00
Trammel, Randall F.Evidence Custodian $38,646.40
Thompson, Eddie L.Codes Officer $38,542.40
Gilley, Sean M.Police Officer Certified $37,440.00
Humes, Allison M.Police Officer Certified $37,440.00
Muncy, Roger S.Police Officer Certified $37,440.00
Rosson, Terry W.ESU Safety Technician 2 $36,857.60
Alsup, HarrisonPolice Officer Uncertified $36,857.60
Toporowski, Courtney S.Dispatcher CTO $36,816.00
Vinson, Laurie R.Administrative Assistant 3 $36,545.60
Lasater, Christopher A.Codes Officer $36,420.80
Parrish, Thomas A.Police Officer Uncertified $36,400.00
Reynolds, Dee A.Police Officer Uncertified $36,400.00
Taylor, Zachary A.Police Officer Uncertified $36,400.00
Tibbs, Jeffry A.Police Officer Uncertified $36,400.00
Vantrease, Jeremiah D.Police Officer Uncertified $36,400.00
Downs, Michael T.Administrative Assistant 1 $36,400.00
Bryan, Sandra R.Dispatcher $35,880.00
Parsons, Andrea L.Dispatcher $35,672.00
Petitfils, Marilyn A.Dispatcher $34,798.40
Russell, Alan D.Dispatcher $34,798.40
Parish, Gabriele J.Dispatcher $34,798.40
Phillips, Amber J.Dispatcher $34,798.40
Hicks, Brenda C.Police School Patrol PT $33,696.00
Blackburn, Larry D.Police School Patrol PT $33,696.00
Gann, Paul D.Police School Patrol PT $33,696.00
Howard, Larry W.Police School Patrol PT $33,696.00
Robinson, Vernon W.Police School Patrol PT $33,696.00
Thompson, David W.Police School Patrol PT $33,696.00
Smith, Megan A.Animal Control Officer Part Time $33,280.00
Brooks, Lloyd H.Police School Patrol PT $33,280.00
Estes, Billy L.Police School Patrol PT $33,280.00
Gardner, John Z.Animal Control Officer $33,280.00
Chambers, Kimberly C.Police Court Clerk $32,947.20
Bible, Peyton B.Dispatcher $32,240.00
Byrd, Susan E.Dispatcher $32,240.00
Free, Brody J.Dispatcher $32,240.00
Stierman, Alexandria J.Dispatcher $32,240.00
Colyer, Jennifer K.Dispatcher $32,240.00
Moose, Meghan L.Dispatcher $32,240.00
Owens, Terry G.City Hall Facility Guard PT $32,219.20
Carson, Randall K.City Hall Facility Guard PT $32,219.20
Lockwood, Gary L.City Hall Facility Guard PT $32,219.20
Tully, Debra K.Police Records Clerk $32,177.60
Smith, Matthew E.ESU Safety Technician $31,761.60
Gardner, Sheldon B.ESU Safety Technician $29,494.40
Vail, Kaitlyn M.Police Records Clerk $29,348.80
Maxwell, Emily A.Police Records Clerk $28,953.60
Collinsworth, Mary K.Administrative Assistant 1 $28,953.60
Alexander, Brian K.Building and Grounds Worker $24,544.00

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