Man jailed for threats to kill Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash

49-year-old Steven Bruce Williams is jailed on multiple harassment and probation violation charges after he called the office of the Mayor of Lebanon, Bernie Ash, and threatened to kill him personally. Detectives used some of his crazy Facebook rant videos to assist in the identification.

Lebanon Police say Steven Bruce Williams, who has a variety of videos about local governments, government officials, and who believes he is the president of the United States, called the Mayor’s phone at city hall and left a voicemail message stating he was going to sue the City of Lebanon, and that if Mayor Bernie Ash ever came around Shoney’s he would personally kill him.

Steven Bruce Williams Jr (WCSO)
Steven Bruce Williams Jr (WCSO)

Detectives charged Steven Bruce Williams with harassment for the threats to the Mayor, as well as additional harassment threats to other people at the Shoney’s of Lebanon. In addition to those charges he has 2 violations of probation which keep him jailed until his next court date.

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