Lebanon Fire Captain won’t return to work after Domestic Assault Arrest – Kerry Lawson

LEBANON, TN – Lebanon Fire Captain Kerry Lawson has taken FMLA leave until his retirement goes through, after he was arrested and charged with domestic assault of his wife. Before his arrest, Lawson attempted to make sure officers knew he had been with the city for 30 years, but eventually became agitated and boisterously said “Just take me to jail!”

Deputies from the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic disturbance call on August 20th on Locke #5 Road, the home of Lebanon Fire Department Captain/Inspector Kerry Lawson, who has worked for the city for just over 30 years. Lawson told deputies he was in an altercation with his wife, but “did not remember if he assaulted her”, according to an arrest warrant. While he was being interviewed, his wife came running from inside the house, described as crying and distraught, while screaming “Get him away from me!”.

His wife, the victim, told officers that Kerry Lawson punched her multiple times in her face and body with his closed fists. An incident report notes read abrasions to her face along with a bruise on her bicep, seeming to confirm her account. A follow-up interview was conducted with Kerry Lawson while still on-scene, at which time he became “agitated, loud, and boisterous” yelling “Just take me to jail!”. Sources familiar with the arrest say Kerry Lawson reminded offers multiple times off his tenure and position with the city.

Kerry Lawson (WCSO)
Kerry Lawson (WCSO)

The City of Lebanon’s Human Resource Department did not reply to questions posed earlier this week, which was similar to their previous non-responsiveness for records requests submitted. Eventually, we were able to speak to leadership within the Fire Department who confirmed that since Lawson’s arrest, he has chosen to take leave under FMLA, citing some ‘ongoing knee issues’ white waiting for his retirement buy-out to take effect. Multiple people have confirmed a date has already been set for a retirement party for Lawson.

Kerry Lawson was booked into the Wilson County Jail, where he was charged with domestic assault, and served the mandatory 12-hour hold before being released on his own recognizance.

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