Woman pulls gun on man, says “I’m the Sheriff”, flees actual deputies in 7 mile car pursuit

Heather Monday, 49, is charged with aggravated assault, evading arrest, and resisting arrest, after deputies had to bust out her car window to take her into custody after she lead them on a 7.5 mile car chase that included spike strips. What started this? She pulled a gun on a man and said “I’m the Sheriff”.

Wilson County resident Marvin Gibson says a stranger pulled into this driveway on August 18th , and parked. Not knowing why she was there, he went outside to talked to her to see if she needed help. As he approached her vehicle, he says she was being erratic in her answers to his questions, so he asked he to leave his property, at which time she pulled a handgun on him and said “I’m the Sheriff!”. Obviously, she wasn’t the Sheriff. Gibson backed away from her and called actual law enforcement officers, who responded toward the scene.

Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputy Alex Alexander responded to the scene, and verified the woman, identified as Heather Monday, did have a weapon inside the vehicle with her. He gave her commands to exit the vehicle when she denied him entry to remove the handgun, saying she didn’t want him inside her vehicle. As Alexander commander her to exit the vehicle again, she suddenly put the vehicle in gear and drove around the deputy, his patrol unit, and fled the scene.

Heather Monday (WCSO)]
Heather Monday (WCSO)]

Now with full emergency equipment engaged in a full-on pursuit, officers followed Monday in a chase that lasted 5 miles before she suddenly turned her vehicle around and fled in the opposite direction. Officers were able to deploy spike strips which deflated the tires of the vehicle, but didn’t stop it from traveling another 1.5 miles before stopping at 20 Benders Ferry Road.

Once Heather Monday stopped her vehicle and ended the pursuit she still refused to exit her vehicle. Officer eventually had to break out the driver’s side window to gain entry to remove her from the vehicle by force. She continued to refuse order to comply with the arrest and fought with officers before eventually being taken into custody. The eventual search of the vehicle resulted in a BB gun.

49-year-old Heather L. Monday was booked into the Wilson County Jail and charged with felony aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and evading arrest. Records show she is free on a $7,000 bond.

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