Drew Hicks flees WCSO patrol car at over 115 mph after drag racing a motorcycle

22-year-old Drew Daniel Hicks admitted he was the person that fled from a Wilson County Sheriff’s patrol car earlier this month. The officer was traveling at 115 mph when he ended the chase near the Sumner County line.

WCSO Cpl. Anderson was traveling South on near Hwy 109 on September 3rd when he reported a small white car and a motorcycle drag racing, going northbound at a very high rate of speed. He used the radar inside his vehicle to clock the car at 99 mph as it attempted to overtake the motorcycle. Emergency equipment was activated to attempt to effect a traffic stop, but neither vehicle complied.

Drew Daniel Hicks (WCSO)
Drew Daniel Hicks (WCSO)

The small white car acted like it was going to slow near Northern Road, but as Cpl. Anderson prepared to stop, the car sped back up and fled the officer once again. As the chase progressed toward Sumber County, Cpl. Anderson reached 115 mph in his patrol vehicle but was still unable to catch up with the car. As they approached the Sumner County line, Anderson ended the pursuit. Further investigation led to Drew Hicks being developed as the suspected driver of the small white car, which he admitted during an interview the following day. Hicks was booked into custody, charged with reckless driving and drag racing, and released on a $3,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court in January.

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