Police find husband yelling for help from 2nd story window as wife assaults him

From outside the locked door, officers heard yelling, screaming, and the sound of someone being slapped several times. Priya Narula is charged with the domestic assault of her husband.

Mt. Juliet Police responded to a 911 call on August 16th, in which a man called to say he was trapped in his home by his wife, 52-year-old Priya Narula. Police responded to the Somerset Place home to find Anit Luthra waving and yelling for help from an upstairs window. Officers attempted to gain entry to the home but found the door locked. As they listened from outside, the sounds of yelling, screaming, and someone being slapped several times could be heard.

Priya Narula (WCSO)
Priya Narula (WCSO)

Suddenly the door opened and the husband ran outside and relayed that his wife was angry that he wanted to leave and not only had detained him but assaulted him multiple times. When questioned, Priya Narula told police she didn’t want her husband to leave in a rental car that was in her name, said she was through talking and refused to answer any further questions.

Priya Narula, 52, was charged with domestic assault and booked into the Wilson County jail. After serving the state-mandated 12-hour domestic violence hold, she posted a $5,000 bond.

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