VIDEO: Nashville Fire EMT holds Mt. Juliet youth at gunpoint, threatens to shoot them #ARRESTED

43-year-old Nashville Fire EMT, and former Buffalo Bill Linebacker, Jimmy Ray Robinson is free on bond this morning, after holding some white neighborhood youth at gunpoint and threatening to ‘pop’ them, stating “this is how little kids get fucking sho… this is the fucking south, everybody’s got a fucking gun!”.

According to persons familiar with the incident, some of the youth were playing pranks in the neighborhood and had ‘ding donged ditched’ Robinson’s doorbell shortly before midnight Thursday night. Robinson then got into his vehicle, followed the teens, and ordered two out of their vehicle gunpoint. He is heard saying the following on the video (below):

Jimmy Ray Robinson (WCSO)
Jimmy Ray Robinson (WCSO)

“Y’all realize what the fuck you’re about to get into”
“This is how little kids get fucking shot, you get me?”
“We got a trooper that lives right here, we got cops that live all over here, this is the fucking south, everybody’s got a fucking gun”.
“If I see this fucking truck on Carter’s drive West again, I’m popping it, you got me?
“Somebody comes to my door, bangs on my door, and then takes off running..”

Jimmy Ray Johnson, 43, was booked into the Wilson County Jail at 11:28 p.m. Thursday night, charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault. He posted a $2400 bond just before 4 a.m. Friday. Joseph Pleasant, of the Nashville Fire Department, released the following statement Friday morning:

“We are aware of the charges against EMT Jimmy Robinson Jr. He is assigned to alternate duty in a non-safety related role pending an internal investigation.  
As part of our Civil Service process we will not be able to make a statement on his compliance or failure to comply with any of our OPGs because that could hamper further disciplinary procedures if warranted.
The arrest of EMT Robinson should not reflect on the other more than 1,200 personnel who serve the residents and visitors of Nashville 24/7/365 with pride.”

-NFD PIO Joseph Pleasant

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