Debbie Moss admits to drinking; witnesses saw her crash and flee, police say.

Despite a flurry of friends and family claiming she’s being unfairly prosecuted, multiple witnesses stated they saw Circuit Court Clerk Debbie Moss drunkenly crash into a car and flee the scene, and officers say she smelled of alcohol when they located her at her home, where she admitted to drinking prior to driving.

Lebanon Police Field Training Officer Jeremy Richardson charged Wilson County’s elected Circuit Court Clerk Debbie Moss with driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, and violation of the implied consent law on September 28th. Here’s what we now know:

FTO Richardson was dispatched to 3395 Lebanon Road, where an event was happening, in response to the victim reporting someone crashed into her car and left the scene. Witnesses stated they observed Circuit Court Clerk Debbie Moss get into a white Kia four-door sedan with the license plate S6688X and impact the victim’s vehicle with the Kia, and then flee the scene. Multiple witnesses described Debbis Moss as ‘possibly being under the influence’. Moss’ daughter took to social media the day after the arrest claiming a “valet at the event” must have crashed the car, not yet knowing witnesses observed Moss in the driver’s seat of the Kia.

Lebanon Police then went to the home of Debbie Moss and made contact with her, at which time she admitted she had been drinking earlier in the evening. An arrest report details that she still smelled of alcohol when officers arrived at her residence. The officer also noted she had an unsteady gait and difficulty answering standard questions and exhibited impairment on all field sobriety tests. She was taken into custody and transported to the Wilson County Jail, where she served a 4-hour hold before being released on her own recognizance with a January court date.

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