Woman hid heroin in her prison purse while attempting to cover-up overdose

36-year-old Miranda Howell faces multiple charges, including tampering with evidence, after police say she delayed a call to 911 after someone overdosed, so she could hide the drugs in her ‘prison purse’.

Lebanon Police Officers arrived at a residence on Hobbs Avenue in reference to a possible overdose. Police made contact with all parties that were in the house at the time. During contact with Miranda Howell, she initially gave police a false identity. Miranda stated that her name was Sara Phillips with the date of birth of 4/08/85 which officers found to be inaccurate. Through investigation, officers discovered that Miranda helped a male subject in the house shoot up but he stopped breathing afterward.

Miranda Howell (WCSO)
Miranda Howell (WCSO)

Another male subject in the house was going to call 911 but Miranda convinced him to wait as she stuffed heroin into a body cavity, aka her ‘prison purse’. She then took the plastic bag with white residue and needles and put them in her actual purse, which she then left in the bedroom. Officers received consent to search the residence from the homeowner and found needles, bags with residue, and vials with cotton swabs in Miranda’s room. She was then placed into custody and transported to booking.

Miranda Howell was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, and criminal impersonation. Her bond was set at $10,500.00.

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