James Franco look-a-like charged with public intoxication

36-year-old Jesse Craddock was charged with public intoxication after the police offered him a ride to his mother’s following a fight with his girlfriend.

On February 22nd, Field Training Officer Andy Byrnes noticed Jesse Craddock walking on Murfreesboro Road towards O’Charley’s. FTO Byrnes has had previous contact with Jesse, so he stopped to check on him. When Byrnes made contact, Jesse stated he had an argument with his girlfriend and wanted to go to his mother’s house on Trousdale Ferry Pike. Jesse had no warrants on file, so FTO Byrnes offered him a ride. The officer told Jesse that he would have to pat him down before allowing him in the patrol vehicle. At that point, according to the affidavit, Jesse began to act as though he was under the influence of some drug.

During this time, Jesse walked off into the roadway and was nearly hit by a semi-truck. FTO Byrnes ordered Jesse to come to him and he refused. Once FTO Byrnes got close to Jesse, he noticed the odor of alcohol coming from his person. Jesse was then taken into custody for his safety as he was a danger to himself and the general public.

Jesse Craddock was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication. His bond was set at $1,200.

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