Man flags down police; gets arrested for DUI

55-year-old Raymond Heitz was charged with DUI after he flagged down an officer to assist him and was found to be impaired, according to the affidavit.

On February 20th, Officer Maynard responded to assist a motor vehicle on Central Pike. Upon arrival, officers found a male subject in the roadway waving them down. The man was identified as Raymond Heitz. Raymond told police that he was traveling westbound on Interstate 40 and the signs changed to I-40 East.

Raymond Heitz (WCSO)
Raymond Heitz (WCSO)

He also told officers he wasn’t sure how his belongings that were in his pocket ended up on the ground. Police noted that he also had slurred speech and asked Raymond to perform a standard field sobriety test. Raymond complied and exhibited signs of impairment during multiple aspects of the test.

Raymond Heitz was arrested and charged with DUI. His bond was set at $1,000.

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