DUI: Woman says husband’s “hand on her leg” caused her to swerve on the road — Hayleigh ‘Marge’ Ribbons

Officer Berger conducted a traffic stop at 3 a.m. on September 5th after observing a vehicle weaving, swerving, and unable to maintain a consistent speed. As he approached the vehicle the driver, 22-year-old Margaret ‘Marge’ Hayleigh Ribbons, asked to speak to the officer away from her male passenger. Once at the rear of the car, she explained they had just left Whiskey River Bar and the man in the vehicle was her husband and he had his “hand on her leg” which was causing her to weave in and out of the lanes of travel.

Drive-Thru DUI: Woman charged after altercation in McDonald’s drive-thru line — Shelby Marie Anderson

24-year-old Shelby Marie Anderson is charged with DUI after an off-duty officer observed her get into an altercation with another individual while she was in the drive-thru line at McDonald’s on S. Cumberland in Lebanon.

Teen who wants to ride up front with mac-n-cheese hits mom and sister; returns months later for more

feat Bello, Jr. Mario

19-year-old Mario Bell, Jr. was charged with domestic assault after assaulting his mother and juvenile sister in July and then violating his conditions of release by showing up at his mother’s house and throwing her down the stairs.

Lebanon man punches and kicks girlfriend, takes her phone when she tries to call police

feat Littleton, Demonte

25-year-old Demonte Littleton was charged with aggravated domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call when he kicked his girlfriend in the head, punched her in the face, and stole her phone when she tried to call the police.

Lebanon teen charged with criminal trespass for scoping out cars with a group of friends

18-year-old Autumn Ford was charged with criminal trespassing after she and a group of friends were caught in the Fed Ex parking lot attempting to burgle unlocked vehicles.

‘Body fold’ reveals hidden half-ounce of meth during traffic stop

Police say 37-year-old Brandon Gurley had 5 bags of methamphetamine, totaling a half-ounce, in the folds of his body. They were discovered during a traffic stop for following too close.

Man flags down police; gets arrested for DUI

55-year-old Raymond Heitz was charged with DUI after he flagged down an officer to assist him and the officer found him to be impaired, according to the affidavit.

James Franco look-a-like charged with public intoxication

36-year-old Jesse Craddock was charged with public intoxication after the police offered him a ride to his mother’s following a fight with his girlfriend.

Man charged with switching vehicle tags

28-year-old Zachary Neal was charged with altering his license plates after police pulled him over for light law violation.

Officers find partially smoked blunt in cupholder; woman charged with DUI

23-year-old Anna Rhodes was charged with DUI and simple possession after police conducted a traffic stop because she was crossing over the centerline between lanes while she was driving.