Man charged with wearing $27.48 jacket out of Providence Target

31-year-old Clifford Weiser was charged with theft of merchandise after he was caught attempting to shoplift a jacket out of the Providence Market Target on South Mount Juliet Road.

On March 15th, police were dispatched to a call in reference to a shoplifter at Target on South Mount Juliet Road. Upon arrival, police spoke with Jared Darrough from Loss Prevention who stated he witnessed a couple selecting and concealing merchandise.

Clifford Weiser (WCSO)
Clifford Weiser (WCSO)

The man was identified as Clifford Weiser. Jared told officers he observed Clifford select a jacket and put it on, hide the tags, then pay for a drink and exit the store. The total cost of the jacket was $27.48.

Clifford Weiser was later arrested and charged with theft of merchandise. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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