Man charged after police find drink up his sleeve and candy in his pants

18-year-old Ruben McLemore was charged with theft of merchandise when police and loss prevention caught him with $7.29 worth of merchandise. He had a drink can up his sleeve and candy stowed in his pants.

On February 17th, Officer Gibbs was called to Target at 401 South Mount Juliet Road in regard to a shoplifting incident. According to the affidavit, the officer observed Ruben McLemore leaving the store with concealed merchandise and apprehended him.

Ruben Mclemore (WCSO)
Ruben Mclemore (WCSO)

Loss prevention employee Jared Darrough stated that he witnessed Ruben stowing items but left the store without paying for anything. A search of Ruben’s person yielded $7.29 worth of product including a canned beverage up his sleeve, four boxes of candy in his hoodie and two more in his waistband.

Ruben McLemore was charged with theft of merchandise. He was released on his own recognizance.

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