Girlfriend breaks up with man who threatens to post sex videos on Facebook

31-year-old Channin Peden was charged with unlawful photographing in violation of privacy after he threatened to post videos of a sexual nature between him and his girlfriend on Facebook when she broke up with him and wouldn’t return his belongings.

On May 17th, FTO Byrnes met with the victim, Misty Kneller, at 13 Hamilton Station Crossing Apartment 205 who told the officer that she broke up with her boyfriend, the defendant, Channin Peden, at 4 am that morning. She said that he left when she threatened to call the police on him so he began text messaging nude photographs of her.

Channin Peden (WCSO)
Channin Peden (WCSO)

After Peden left, Kneller told him that his property would be at the Lebanon Police Department and not to come back to her apartment. Peden threatened her with posting videos of them together sexually that he took without her knowledge on Facebook for all of her friends and family to see.

Channin Peden was arrested and charged with unlawful photographing in violation of privacy. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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