Teen thinks police are trying to kill her, tries to take officer’s gun out of the holster

19-year-old Kaya Egolf-Salaun was charged for resisting arrest when she was asked why she was running around a parking lot yelling that police were trying to kill her. She also tried removing an officer’s handgun during the attempt to detain her.

On May 4th, LPD Officer Meghan Moose was dispatched to a local Arby’s located at 1457 West Main Street, where he saw a suspicious woman running around the parking lot. This woman was identified as Kaya Egolf-Salaun, who was asking cars for a ride. She refused to calm down when asked several times by Officer Moose and began yelling that they were trying to kill her.

Kaya Egolf-Salaun (WCSO)
Kaya Egolf-Salaun (WCSO)

Kaya also ran into the street during the conversation away from Officer Moose. After being told that she was being arrested for disorderly conduct she continued resisting, even trying to remove the backup officer’s handgun from their holster.

Kaya Egolf-Salaun was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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