Woman rescued from domestic assault after texting friend to call police for help

56-year-old Gregory Hill was charged with domestic assault and violation of probation after police received a call and conducted a welfare check where a woman reported that he “beat the f**k out of me”.

On May 23rd, Deputy Maynard received a call regarding a domestic assault at 2607 Hartsville Pike in Lebanon. An undisclosed third party initially called the sheriff’s office after receiving a text message from Lisa Barlow to call the police.

Gregory Hill (WCSO)
Gregory Hill (WCSO)

Maynard detected no movement in the residence on arrival, but discovered the back door of the home to be opened. Upon announcement of their arrival, deputies found Gregory Hill and Lisa Barlow in the bedroom. Maynard noted that Barlow had swelling and a small wound near her eye. Barlow informed Maynard that Hill “beat the f**k out of me.”

Based on Barlow’s claims, Hill was then charged with domestic assault and transported to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office. Information regarding Hill’s violation of probation was unavailable.

Gregory Hill was arrested and charged with domestic assault and violation of probation. His bond was set at $5,000.

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