Lebanon resident “fist bumps” and excessively harasses police at Executive Inn

36-year-old James Frisby was charged with violation of probation and non-verbal harassment after falsely claiming that an officer swore at him and calling Lebanon Police over 15 times without a legitimate purpose.

Woman rescued from domestic assault after texting friend to call police for help

56-year-old Gregory Hill was charged with domestic assault and violation of probation after police received a call and conducted a welfare check where a woman reported that he “beat the f**k out of me”.

Watertown man charged with domestic assault after judge fined him $50 for March occurrence

31-year-old Mark McLaughlin was charged with domestic assault, interference with an emergency call, and violation of probation after he was accused of trying to kill his girlfriend and placed her in a bear hold when she attempted to call 911.

Young adult receives her second DUI when found with 14 grams of weed in her car

20-year-old Briana Hallums was charged with driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, driving on a revoked license, and violation of probation when police found 14 grams of marijuana in her car after an accident.

Deputies find Lebanon woman holding “Help Me” sign

44-year-old Munson Perry was charged with breaking an order of protection to stay away from the victim, Annie Hawkins, because of a previous domestic dispute. He locked her in a room and told her to stay quiet or he would hurt her.

Lebanon woman charged with meth possession after police find her wandering down a roadway

35-year-old Jennifer Lester was charged with having methamphetamine when police found her near a roadway and found out that she had an active warrant.

Violation of Lebanon man’s probation results in multiple drug charges

24-year-old Bailey Underwood was charged for having a weapon, suboxone, heroin, and marijuana while he was on probation. There was a warrant out for his arrest for violation of probation which led an officer to his hotel room to find enough heroin and suboxone to charge him with intent to sell.