Woman found passed out in Arby’s parking lot charged with 5th DUI

feat Price Tammy

40-year-old Tammy Price was charged with her fifth DUI and possession of heroin after she was found passed out in an Arby’s parking lot with her car still running.

Woman admits that she was trying to inject heroin into her foot outside Dollar General

30-year-old Kayla Barger was charged with possession of meth, heroin, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia when she was caught with various drugs and paraphernalia in her vehicle after police catch her in the middle of shooting up heroin in her car.

Wife rampages against husband by striking him and shattering windows

feat Sanders Kelly

52-year-old Kelly Sanders was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to hitting her husband in the head and breaking the windows in their van.

Girlfriend says man shot himself during argument; he insists it was another man

24-year-old Tyler Howe was charged with aggravated assault, possession of meth, and false report after shooting himself during an argument with his girlfriend and telling officers that an unidentified man shot him.

Duo steals backpack full of Walmart items totaling $296.11

feat Faulk Bobbie

39-year-old Bobbie Faulk was charged with theft of merchandise and possession of drug paraphernalia when a loss prevention staff member and video footage showed her assisting in a stealing spree.

Motorcyclist leaves stolen bike unattended; discovered with previous warrant

feat Anderson, Taylor

26-year-old Taylor Anderson was charged with probation violation, theft, and possession of methamphetamine when police investigated an unattended motorcycle and discovered he had an outstanding warrant and the bike was stolen.

Lebanon man smokes bong with infant in his bedroom

19-year-old Andrew Osborn was charged with child neglect, possession of marijuana, domestic assault, and drug paraphernalia and 20-year-old LaRaziah Turner was charged with child neglect and violation of probation after they were found laying in bed with a bong of marijuana wax with her infant close by. Police were there to serve a warrant on him.

Mt. Juliet man caught in possession of stolen car and license plates

41-year-old Jeremiah Harman was charged with theft of property, use of stolen plates, and two counts of probation violation after an officer on routine patrol got a hit off his license plate and during the traffic stop, was found to be in possession of a stolen vehicle with stolen plates.

Snapchat squabble escalates to brandishing of handgun at a minor

20-year-old Ali Al-Zaidi was charged with aggravated assault and violation of probation after arriving uninvited to an apartment and aiming a handgun at an unidentified juvenile. Al-Zaidi confessed that the altercation escalated due to a dispute through Snapchat.

Lebanon resident “fist bumps” and excessively harasses police at Executive Inn

36-year-old James Frisby was charged with violation of probation and non-verbal harassment after falsely claiming that an officer swore at him and calling Lebanon Police over 15 times without a legitimate purpose.