Couple found unresponsive in front of Adelita’s Ice Cream Shop in Lebanon

33-year-old Micheal Pruitte and 35-year-old Jesica Cook were charged with public intoxication after they were found unresponsive in front of Adelita’s Ice Cream Shop in Lebanon. After coming to their senses, the two fled from law enforcement and refused to inform officers of what drug they had taken.

On June 13th, Officer Gilley was dispatched to Adelita’s Ice Cream Shop located on 307 W Main Street in regard to two unresponsive individuals in front of the business. Upon arrival, the two subjects had regained consciousness and began to flee from the Lebanon Fire Department. Officer Gilley discovered the two a fifth of a mile away, in front of 114 North Greenwood Street.

The officer identified the two individuals as Jesica Cook and Micheal Pruitte. According to the affidavit, Cook and Pruitte both had a slurred manner of speaking, pinpoint eyes, and were unstable on their feet. Pruitte was reportedly sweating profusely and neither of them would confess to what drug they had consumed. Officer Gilley place the couple into custody due to their level of inebriation and for the safety of the general public.

Two weeks prior to the most recent incident, Pruitte was charged with prohibited weapons, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and theft of property. Pruitte’s earlier charges stem from being found to be in possession of stolen property in one occurrence and being discovered with a sawed-off shotgun in which he is prohibited from possessing in another.

Micheal Pruitte and Jesica Cook were arrested and charged with public intoxication. Their bonds were set at $1,000 each.

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