Lebanon man punches wife for refusing to give him the car keys

40-year-old John Wilkerson was charged with domestic assault after punching his wife who refused to give him his keys in fear of him driving while intoxicated, then fleeing into the woods before law enforcement arrived.

On May 24, Officer Robert received a call regarding a domestic dispute at 1517 Ponderosa Trail in Lebanon. When arriving at the scene of the crime, Robert met with Heather Wilkerson. Wilkerson informed the officer that her husband, John Wilkerson, asked for his keys in order to go to the store. Wilkerson’s wife denied the inquiry, due to him being inebriated.

John Wilkerson (WCSO)
John Wilkerson (WCSO)

Wilkerson responded to this by punching his wife in the face, creating bruises and redness in that area. Upon police arrival, Wilkerson fled from the scene of the crime by escaping into the woods nearby. An eyewitness account from John’s brother, Jason Wilkerson, claimed that he had heard a loud thump from a different location, followed by Wilkerson’s wife telling John that she was going to call the police.

John Wilkerson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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