Missing Kentucky man admits to doing meth because he “was Jesus Christ”

32-year-old Chadwick Cantrell was charged with being in possession of marijuana and meth when he was found in a missing vehicle tracked all the way from Kentucky and admitted to police that he was doing meth “because he was Jesus Christ”, per report.

On June 25th, Lebanon Police Department officer responded to investigate a vehicle at Wilson Bank and Trust located at 623 West Main Street in Lebanon. The vehicle and the driver were reported missing in Kentucky which is where the uncle of the driver tracked the vehicle too. The defendant, Chadwick Cantrell, was found inside the vehicle by the officer who asked what Cantrell was up to. He told the officer that he was just hanging out.

Chadwick Cantrell (WCSO)
Chadwick Cantrell (WCSO)

The officer then asked if he had consumed any drugs to which Cantrell admitted to using methamphetamine because he was “Jesus Christ.” During a search of the vehicle, the officer located a pill bottle with approximately one gram of methamphetamine inside the center console. Also, there were about two grams of marijuana in a plastic bag on the floorboard. Cantrell admitted to the officer that the drugs were his.

Chadwick Cantrell was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and meth. His bond was set at $3,000.

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