Paramedic student tells police she got drunk on the lake before driving; gets her first DUI

29-year-old Emily Warren was charged with her first DUI when she exhibited several physical indicators of being intoxicated, failed several sobriety tests, and told police at the scene of a crash that she was drunk while driving.

On June 7th, Officer King responded to a crash on Hickory Ridge Road where he encounters the defendant, Emily Warren. She appeared to be unsteady on her feet as well as her eyes being red and watery.

Emily Warren (WCSO)
Emily Warren (WCSO)

As Officer King was interviewing her, her speech was slurred and she had the smell of alcohol on her breath. He gave her several field sobriety tests that she showed impairment on all of them, and then she admitted to drinking on the lake before driving and was drunk.

Emily Warren was arrested and charged with DUI. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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