Lebanon man charged with DUI changes story on how many beers he had

feat Perry, Jon

22-year-old Jon Perry was charged with driving under the influence when a state trooper witnessed him swerving in and out of traffic. When stopped, he admitted to having one beer, then three beers, and then four beers.

On July 11th, State Trooper DeWunya Topps came across a vehicle that was failing to maintain driving within the lines. The officer pulled the vehicle over and identified the driver as Jon David Perry. While speaking with Perry the officer could smell alcohol on his breath, and his eyes were red and watering. Upon exiting the vehicle Perry was unsteady on his feet.

Jon Perry (WCSO)
Jon Perry (WCSO)

Trooper Topps conducted a field sobriety test, and Perry showed signs of intoxication during each of the tests. When Perry was asked is he had been drinking, he admitted that he drank one beer prior to driving. He later corrected that statement admitting to drinking three beers instead. However, later again he added another beer to total bringing it to four beers.

Jon Perry was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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