Nashville man charged after following and attempting to contact his wife

47-year-old Harvey Alexander IV was charged with violating an order of protection after he was found to be at the W. Baddour Train Station at the same time as his wife, who was given the order of protection against him in February 2020. After being warned by officers, he continued to attempt contact with her.

On July 1st, an officer was called to W. Baddour Train Station in Lebanon for a violation of an order of protection by the defendant, Harvey Alexander IV, who is to have no contact with his wife, Kristina Schneider.

Harvey Alexander IV (WCSO)
Harvey Alexander IV (WCSO)

The officer made contact with Schneider who said that she was waiting for her train when she saw Alexander in a nearby vestibule. After her statement, the officer went and made contact with Alexander, who said that he was waiting on his train to go to Nashville and that he has had no contact with Schneider.

Alexander was asked to leave and he did but Schneider told the officer that he had come up to her and spoke to her. She also had several missed calls from him and a text message. The officer also reported that after he left the area, Alexander came back to the train station.

Harvey Alexander IV was arrested and charged with violation of an order of protection. His bond was set at $3,000.

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