Wife charged with disorderly conduct when husband tries to take personal items

50-year-old Terrie Jennings was charged with disorderly conduct when her estranged husband angered her when he stopped by to retrieve his personal effects. Jennings would not calm down and caused a neighborhood disruption.

On July 2nd, Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputy Anderson was called to a domestic disturbance on John Wright Road. According to the affidavit, Terrie Jennings and her husband David Kornguth are estranged and he has been staying with his daughter.

While he was trying to retrieve some personal items Jennings refused to respond until he began moving things from the garage. This prompted Jennings to come out screaming and snatching things back. Officers attempted to assuage the woman but she would not be pacified and was ultimately taken into custody for impeding normal activity in the neighborhood.

Terri Jennings was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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