Catfight results in head smashed onto pavement and death threat

29-year-old Tara Belcher was charged with theft of property, vandalism, and assault when she beat another woman’s head into the pavement over a dispute about a man and then threatened her with a gun.

On August 19th, Lebanon Police Officer Corley responded to a possible assault at 217 Burdock Street. Upon arrival, the officer was advised that Tara Belcher and Taylor Colyer were at the residence with multiple other people when an argument sparked over a man. Tara was no longer at the residence.

Tara Belcher (WCSO)
Tara Belcher (WCSO)

According to the report, Tara pushed Taylor to the ground and began to kick her. She then got on top of Taylor and proceeded to bash her head on the pavement. Before taking off in her car with a couple of guys, Tara took Taylor’s iPhone 11 and said she was going to the car to get a gun to kill her. There were several abrasions and lacerations on Taylor after the incident. Officer Corley later found Tara and found Taylor’s iPhone 11 with a shattered screen in Tara’s trunk.

Tara Belcher was arrested and charged with theft of property, vandalism, and assault. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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