Lebanon woman assaults ex’s girlfriend during child exchange

24-year-old Heather Harvey was charged with assault and domestic assault when she hit Mercedes Lulow in the face and pushed Austin Hollis when she realized he was videotaping her.

On August 21st, Officer Donnell responded to Dollar General Store at 10550 Murfreesboro Road in regards to an assault. Upon arrival, Officer Donnell spoke with Mercedes Lulow and Austin Hollis. Austin advised that Heather met him to pick up their child when Mercedes and Heather began arguing. Officer Donnell observed a video that Austin took of the argument where Heather was in the back seat getting the child out of the car seat when she hit Mercedes in the face. Also caught on video was Heather pushing Austin when he was giving the baby’s bag to her after she realized he was recording her. Officers determined that Heather was the primary aggressor in the situation.

Heather Harvey (WCSO)
Heather Harvey (WCSO)

I reached out to Heather Harvey for further comment on these events. Heather stated that as Austin pulled up, he was yelling at her and at that point, Mercedes joined the argument. Heather denied hitting Mercedes but admitted to poking her in the forehead during the altercation. She claimed to know that Austin was videoing the entire time and said that she did not push him but attempted to grab the phone from his hand.

Heather Harvey was arrested and charged with assault and domestic assault. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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