Lebanon woman resists arrest after attempting to steal $148.72 in Walmart merchandise

26-year-old Lindsey Webb was charged with theft and resisting arrest after she was caught not scanning items at a Mt. Juliet Walmart self check-out and resisted police.

On August 25th, officers arrived at Walmart on Pleasant Grove Road in response to a shoplifting call. Authorities observed Lindsey Webb attempting to run from loss prevention. She was given the command to stop, and when police were attempting to place her in custody, Webb pulled her arms away.

Lindsey Webb (WCSO)
Lindsey Webb (WCSO)

Webb was placed onto the ground to regain control of her. Patrick Rush of Walmart Loss Prevention told police that he identified Webb as a suspect in a previous case, observed her not scanning every item at the self check-out, and noted she returned items fraudulently with old receipts. The items Webb neglected to scan totaled $148.72 and the items she returned totaled $35.60.

Lindsey Webb was arrested and charged with theft of merchandise and resisting arrest. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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