Man caught speeding on I-40 charged with DUI

29-year-old Troy Nunnally was charged with driving under the influence after he was caught speeding by a state trooper on Interstate 40 in Mt. Juliet.

On August 16th, on I-40 in Mt. Juliet, Trooper Topps noticed a vehicle traveling well above the posted speed limit. Trooper Topps finally caught up with the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The driver identified as Troy Nunnally.

Troy Nunnally (WCSO)
Troy Nunnally (WCSO)

Upon contact with Mr. Nunnally, Trooper Topps noticed the odor of an intoxicant normally associated with alcoholic beverages on his breath and person. Trooper Topps offered several standardized field sobriety tests, all of which he exhibited clues of impairment. Trooper Topps explained implied consent and Nunnally refused to comply.

Troy Nunnally was arrested and charged with DUI. His bond was set at $1,000.

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