Man mistakenly sends drug deal text to Lebanon Police detective

28-year-old Anthony Willard was charged with criminal attempt, possession of suboxone, and possession of paraphernalia after he mistakenly sent a drug deal text to a Lebanon detective. Police set up a sting and found him with $90 in cash and a single suboxone pill.

On August 12th, a detective with the Lebanon Police Department received a text message meant for a drug dealer about requesting to purchase drugs, so a sting operation was set up. Police knew the person sending the messages was Heath Willard, a known drug user, and Heath told police he would send his brother Anthony Willard to make the exchange of $90 for heroin.

Anthony Willard (WCSO)
Anthony Willard (WCSO)

All parties agreed to meet at Burger King, and when police had confirmation Anthony Willard was there they made contact with him and conducted a search of his person. The search uncovered one suboxone pill and $90 that was supposedly going to be used to buy heroin.

Anthony Willard was arrested and charged with criminal attempt, simple possession of suboxone, possession of paraphernalia, and on an active warrant for failure to pay child support. His bond was set at $5,000.

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