Teen pushes stepfather for getting involved in argument with his mother

feat Stinson, Levi

19-year-old Levi Stinson was charged with domestic assault after he shoved his stepfather and broke random household items for getting in the middle of an argument between him and his mother.

On August 12th, Officer Fulton advised he was dispatched to 1142 Woodridge Place in regards to a domestic assault. Officer Fulton spoke with Rickey Tilley, who advised police that his stepson, Levi Stinson, was in an argument with his mother when Tilley intervened. The argument escalated further and Stinson pushed his stepfather and broke various items in the house as he left the property.

Levi Stinson (WSCO)
Levi Stinson (WCSO)

Officer Fulton made not of the broken items throughout the home. Officer Fulton was able to reach out to Stinson and get a statement. He advised that he had pushed his stepfather, but that he hadn’t started the argument with his mother. The officer determined Levi Stinson to be the primary aggressor.

Levi Stinson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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