Man straddles boyfriend ‘like a horse’ for over 10 minutes, so he can’t leave after argument

50-year-old Kenneth Brocato was charged with false imprisonment and domestic assault after tackling his lover to the ground and holding him there for several minutes while the boyfriend kept saying he wanted to leave.

On August 9th, Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryce Beaty responded to a call at 686 Chandler Road for a domestic incident. Deputy Beaty spoke with Kenneth Brocato who explained that he and his boyfriend, Dougald Cameron, had gotten into an altercation over the garage door.

Kenneth Brocato (WCSO)
Kenneth Brocato (WCSO)

Cameron went to retrieve a phone charger when Brocato tackled him to the ground, straddled him like a horse, and held him down for several minutes while Cameron was telling him that he wanted to leave. After about ten minutes, Brocato let his boyfriend go and fled the scene.

Kenneth Brocato was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and domestic assault. His bond was set at $2,500.

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