Woman stole from couple’s garage and then tried to pass as the wife to police

33-year-old Christy Grandstaff was charged with aggravated burglary, criminal impersonation, and failure to appear after stealing from a garage and using the homeowner’s identification when asked to provide her own to the police.

On August 8th, Officer Travis Hawkins responded to 209 Fox Hunt Lane on a report of a suspicious female. Ryan Cagle greeted the officer and explained that his wife, Kaitlyn Cagle, had seen a woman leaving their garage. A short distance from the home, Officer Hawkins found a female matching the description provided by the homeowners. When asked to produce identification, the woman gave the officer a Sports Village card in the wife’s name, albeit the birth date she then provided to confirm did not match that of the identification card.

Christy Grandstaff (WCSO)
Christy Grandstaff (WCSO)

The officer later discovered the female who had provided false identification was actually Christy Grandstaff. After being detained, her purse was searched and several objects were found that belonged to the homeowners which were valued at about $300. Mr. Cagle confirmed Grandstaff was the person his wife saw leaving their garage.

Christy Grandstaff was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary, criminal impersonation, and failure to appear. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $4,000 bond.

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